About Me

Thanks for joining me.  As far as myself, please view Facebook and Linkedin.  I’ve decided to write a blog to try my best at describing what conforms to reality.  Sounds kind of vague, but you’ll see what that means if you take the time to read and reflect. In particular, I use the scientific fields of psychology and any other well developed discipline that can shed insight into why something is the way it is.  Not to toot my own horn, as the trite idiom goes, but only to convince that I won’t waste your time, I’m quite well-read and hope to provide valuable perspective in a plain and easy reading style.

One pervasive point that permeates a lot of my writing is the concept of bias.  I don’t think we see ourselves and situations accurately; we are victims of our urgent feelings and intuitions, and our thoughts and conclusions are profoundly colored by our perceptions, experiences and attitudes.  This has led me to adopt an approach or philosophy that I have found to be helpful more often than not when making sense of this world.  This is known as freethought which holds that conclusions should be based on reasoning, empiricism and logic and free from dogma, tradition or authority.  I do not, however, claim that I’m completely free from an ideology, opinion or tradition but rather make an earnest attempt to be.

The person who is free in any respect is free from something; what is the free thinker free from? To be worthy of the name, he must be free of two things: the force of tradition  (unchallenged, passed on beliefs), and the tyranny of his own passions (one’s emotions that can distort truth) . No one is completely free from either, but in the measure of a man’s emancipation he deserves to be called a free thinker.

— Bertrand Russell, The Value of Free Thought. How to Become a Truth-Seeker and Break the Chains of Mental Slavery, from the first paragraph